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27th September 2010
Windows Handles: STRICT or NO_STRICT?
28th September 2010
Stack Frames In Native Code   [Read]
7th October 2010
Binary Search Trees
18th October 2010
You've heard of Copy-On-Write... Is there such a thing as 'Copy-On-Would-Be-Overwritten?'
13th November 2010
Why won't VS 2005 let me add controls to an Inherited Form in C#?
16th December 2010
Why does the forms designer in VS2005 prefix everything with this?
26th September 2011
Maintaining the software-User Contract: Startup Delays
2nd October 2011
‘Chicken Picken’ Performance: The Window Property List
5th October 2011
On The 'Synchronicity' of SendMessage() And Related Concerns
13th May 2012
Windows, GUI Programming, The Desktop Window Manager (DWM), GDI vs Composition and DirectX
14th Jan 2013
Multi-threading in VBA (Office 2000/XP)
25th Jan 2013
Why does the first .NET app you run take longer to start up than the second, third, ..., n'th?
8th December 2013
Proof C and All Its Variants are Expressive, Creative Languages, and Pseudo-Assemblers
9th December 2013
Calling Conventions and MSVC
24th July 2014
Optimising String Comparisons
  [Don't Read. MSFT have clarified that locale info is not used as I describe in this article.]
25th July 2014
More on Paging and Page Faults
22nd August 2014
Using The System Menu Class (#32768) To Display A Menu
23rd August 2014
Omitting Frame Pointers: Not Always a Good Idea
11th September 2014
Correct Use of the Non-Client Area: Part 1
12th September 2014
Correct Use of the Non-Client Area; Part 2
22nd December 2014
Compilation and Segmentation
23rd December 2014
Paging vs. Inlining
20th March 2015
RAII: Not worth the Paper It Was Written On?
21st March 2015
Substituting Macros for Functions: Don't Bother